SoilCyclers implement sustainable practices to clean up dump sites

With thousands of illegal dump sites across Australia, SoilCyclers Managing Director outlined how recycling soil on site is a more sustainable method to protect the environment.

“Standard practice to clean up these sites is to come in, pick it all up, load it into trucks and take it to landfill,” Alison said.

“But there is a smarter, more sustainable way to sift through the waste and potentially re-use it back on the site.

“The way we do this is to firstly test the materials, so we know what contaminants are there, and then work out how to re-use the materials so they’re not just ending up in landfill.

“It’s important to know there’s another option for dealing with these illegal dump sites — you don’t just have to truck it away to landfill because that’s what has always been done.”